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About us.


Lead Pastor

Pastor Gabrielle was led to start Mary of Bethany Church (MofB) in partnership with St. Paul’s Church, Darien on the eve of Pentecost in June, 11th 2011. MofB began with a handful of believers out of a passion for the things of God, the authentic gospel of Christ Jesus, the Sacraments, praying without ceasing and seeing people connected to the manifested presence of a loving and merciful God.

Gabrielle has been married for over two decades and resides in lower Fairfield County, Connecticut with her husband, David. They have two teen-aged children, David and Danielle.


Apostolic Oversight and Ministry Partner

Christopher Leighton has been serving in ordained ministry since 1979, and he has been the rector of St. Paul’s since the fall of 1998. Christopher lives to see the Kingdom of God expanded at the edges; he oversees seven mission stations throughout Connecticut, with three more in the planning stages. He and his wife Janet have 4 adult children and 10 grandchildren. They love bird-watching.

Lay Pastors.

Philana Dias

Director of Youth Ministry/Community Outreach

Jamie Spencer

Director of Pastoral Care/Prayer Ministry

Geno Serrano

Mission Station Outreach Coordinator